The Simplest Safety Knowledge in Shanghai
For most of foreigners.they get cheated for a lot of money in's very normally,because you don't have sufficient experience!when you find our web page and visit ,then you alreay became our VIP MEMBER,no any MEMBER FEE!so we will provide some helpful experience to help you not get cheat in Shanghai!Helpful Warnings
Shanghai Sauna Clubs

Shanghai Sauna

Shanghai has a lot of sauna club since 2009.until now more than 200 sauna clubs already,usually they not have any spectacular sign in outsaid.because  the businese is lawless in China,so they always need others way to find their customers!most of sauna they offer nuru massage to customers,what is "nuru"(The simplest means is a girl shower with you),but also only a few sauna clubs only offer dry the way,so many sauna clubs in Shanghai,some sauna clubs is normal sauna,small girls selection,normal environment,price is 580-680 RMB only.also some sauna clubs has huge selection,great environment,top model,price is 1280-2380 RMB!,our jop is find good sauna clubs,then put their info on our web page!when you insaid a sauna clubs,usually you will get a key,then their staff will bring you go to their locker room,then change your clothes,after change your clothes,they will bring you go to their girl selection area or go to rest area!most of time their girls will standing on a large stage with blue and pink lamplight.usually when they have new customers need to choose a girl,then they will open the music,Tip:the way of pick girls get more and more popular in Shanghai sauna clubs.usually a sauna tour need 880 RMB to 1580 RMB.and most of sauna club they only accept unionpay card/RMB cash/dollar cash/euro cash/pound and master card  not available!Shanghai Sauna Club

Sauna advantages

More safe than other place

More clean than other place

More choice than other place

Great environment

3-some available

English contact managers

Sauna Disadvantages

Wait long time for a room sometimes

Many guys F*K a girl everyday

Most of girls can not speak english

Some girls service has a little mechanical


Shanghai Escort Service

Shanghai Escort

If you are first time come to Shanghai,you will be find a lot of escort web page,their web page very easy to find,and their girl's pics very ncie,but pics and girls there is a big difference .but all of our page info about escort service for sure no problem,because any outcall girls who want put their personal introduction on our page,first we have to video dialogue on line,even we have to meet her in some place,make suer no problem for her face/body/friendly an so on.then we will put their personal introduction on our web page,and also we have the comment area,every body can leave their experience on our comment area,good or bad,you can check!and most important is we provide every info about outcall service all is 100% any the "agency fee" or the "member fee"!Shanghai Escort Service

Escort Service Advantages

Don't need waste your time in taxi or subway

Like a girlfriend style

great environment everywhere

Escort Service Disadvantages

Price more hight than sauna or others

Not has so many service like sauna

No nuru massage

Shanghai KTV Clubs

Shanghai KTV
Shanghai ktv clubs including normal ktv and girls ktv,usually if you want get great fun in a ktv club is not very easy,because not has web page provide info about ktv like our web page,and if you are first time go to a ktv club,even you will be cheat!because like this deceptive trick has a lot of in Shanghai,so better follow our nightlife guide!because most of foreigners can't speak chinese,so we found some managers who can speak english in Shanghai ktv clubs,they are very friendly and helpful,also you will not be cheated,you also can get discount/specific consumption list/good experience and so on!Shanghai KTV Clubs

KTV Advantages

English contact managers

Most of girls can spenak good english

Some times you can find a girlfriend in a KTV

KTV Disvantages

Most expensive than sauna or escort

For fun must be with singing or drinking

Spend long time find a girl then talking with her if she want go to a hotel with you

Massage Shop

Shanghai Massage

Except sex massage in Shanghai,also has many "green massage" shop and happy ending massage in Shanghai,whatever you want to get a normal massage service or happy ending massage,we will provide some info about green massage and happy ending massage 100% for free,we will share some great place to you,just follow our nightlife guide!Shanghai Massage

Massage Shop Advantages

Most of cheaper than sauna or escort

Most of green massage let your body get healthy

Massage Shop Disadvantages

Most of  girls working massage shop is ugly or ver old

Most of guys can not speak english

Normal environment